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>>> good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's wednesday, september 29th. and this morning, flood warning. tropical weather set to bring heavy downpours from florida to new england over the next 48 hours. some places have already had a foot of rain. sam is on the flood watch. >>> also breaking, the radical cleric connected to the recent failed terror plots here in the u.s. is reportedly resurfacing. does it mean more attacks? brian ross has the latest on the new threats that have authorities on high alert. >>> true confession. this woman claimed to be the victim of that vicious acid attack. for the first time, we learn why she planned this hoax and burned her own face. >>> and too many wives? police investigate the family in the reality show "sister wives." one man, four women, and 16 children. will going public send the family to court? >>> good morning. >> good morning. 4 wives, 16 kids? >> maybe they should have thought about that before going on tv. >> the show's going to go on, they say. we're going to have that in our
? parliamentary procedures or roberts rules of order. there are coalition of san francisco neighborhood in the audience has robert's rules in brief. a few copies she would be glad to sell you. >> for a very low price i believe 7 dollars. they are invaluable. robert's rules are some of the most interesting things i've read not intimidating what so ever. and if you would like a copy they are right here at the slim volume but it works. i think that those 2 tools the by laws and the robert's rules parliamentary procedure would be -- going at it legally without going and saying, pointing if anythingers at people which is something you really don't want to do. >> can i say as somebody for 10 years worked in the community and didn't is a plug in any neighborhood association or organization. especially in an area where we have a lot of low income housing where they don't organize neighborhood associations and their voices are not heard in the agendas that are being shaped for that neighborhood or that community. the key for me was really just engaging with the community and not really needing
carochi is here but we also lost cassandra roberts and i'll read a little bit about her on behalf of principal carochi. cassandra roberts was an outstanding language arts teacher at everett middle school who began teaching in august of 1997. in her time at everett she touched the lives of all that knew her and was an inspiration to the entire community. her favorite phrase was with "i believe in you." all students listened and admired her. her lessons were engaging. many students tried to tell her what a positive influence she had on their education and life. at everett she was awarded the cesar chavez peace award which is given to outstanding individuals for exemplary services to the community. she's always been a caring, loving, knowledgeable and dedicated educator, the kind of educator you remember for a lifetime. ms. roberts was a master teacher with a huge heart and never gave up on any child, infired them to go to college and become lifelong learners. she'll be greatly missed. and on behalf of the board of education and the district, we want to send our condolences to the fa
?ñswá÷oé7élcw now here's stanley roberts he found some people behaving he badly.ocean beach in san francisco, is one place people gather when the weather gets warm, and why not, after all it is the beach. however it is important to note that there is some dos and don'ts if you plan on visiting ocean beach. before you enter the beach observe these warning signs. they read " people swimming and wading have drowner here. " never turn your back to the water, even if you think you are safe distance. always watch the waves. do not leave your child unattended at the water's edge. this little girl is here, but the woman with her is here, talking on her cell. did you know rip currents can drag you out to deep water even if you are simply wading in the water? this is dave, he is surfer, dave claims he has rescued over 10 people at ocean beach due to rip tides, and some were just wading. do let your dogs run free are read the sign at stairway 21. it reads entering wildlife protection area. the other side reads leaving snowy plover protection area. so if you are entering the protection area your dog mus
. >> reporter: chancellor robert says he is confident alumni support will continue. >> of course there will be individuals who may not respond the way we like but already i know from our first major donors they are going to support us. they believe we are acting responsiblely and doing right thing for the university. >> reporter: one of the most high profile and surprising changes is the elimination of the baseball team. cal would be one of the largest university of its size not to have one. in berkeley sal. >>> now to tonight's first debate against jerry brown and meg whitman. they sparred on crime and the death penalty. >> i've been consistent i will carry out the law regarding executions and secondly as far as my support of law enforcement officers it's reflected in the fact that the california police chiefs association has solidly almost unanimously endorsed by candidacy for governor. >> he has been liberal on crime for 40 years and recently in the last week he's had a change of heart on the death penalty. saying i wasn't i'm not opposed to it. but for 40 years he has. >> the
a story that focuses on the importance of knowing your body. the denise roberts foundation is a community of minority women and men fighting breast cancer through education and early detection. diagnosed at the age of 34, denise focuses on those under the age of 40 who do not have the proper insurance, but it's also sharing her personal struggle that has truly allowed her to help others. >> reporter: two years ago during a self-breast examination, darlene smith found a lump. >> when you first get diagnosed and that information is given to you, you're in, i call it, a fog. >> reporter: and like other women in the community, darlene called on denise. >> so you talk to another woman that has gone through what you're going through, and have been there, the most comfort that you can get out of anything that happens to you, other than standing on your feet. >> reporter: denise roberts is a two-time cancer survivor. first diagnosed at the age of 34 with breast cancer which she thought was her hardest test, but 11 years later, he reality was rocked again by a diagnosis of uterine cancer. >> it wa
of robert and irma. at age of 3 moved to missouri and returned when she was 12 years old. patricia grew up with segregation and injustices which she writes about. she spent many countless hours in the nashville public library. it was her family life that was bountiful and flowing with tales told by her story telling grandfather. raised with love of reading and oral tradition. graduated from tennessee state and degree in english in 1964. she married her childhood friend on december 12. they are the parents of fredrick and twins robert and john. her education continued with a master's degree in early childhood literature, and programming in 1975 from webster university. patricia has a successful career as a teacher and children's book editor. she changed careers to become a full time writer of children and young adult books. her goal is to create books for and about african-americans. i write because there is a need to have books for, by and about the african-american experience and how we helped to develop this country. i present to you patricia makinsik heart of literacy. >> i am from st.
is publishing day for robert sheer. his book "the great american stickup" is out. we'll talk to him in a minute. [♪ music break] >> "step-by-step" by jackson browne. as we continue our discussion on the state of the economy, we are joined from los angeles by veteran journalist and editor robert scheer. his book is out today. it's called "the great american stickup". bob, welcome to democracy now!. what is wrong with the economy today? and how did we get here? >> well, you know, you say a long-time journalist. worked for the "l.a. times" as a national reporter. and i covered these hearings in washington when the clinton administration in the 1990's basically fulfilled the promise of the reagan revolution. design t prevent us from getting into another depression. those regulations of which feingold was against for keeping and against reversing, said that investment banks playing with supposedly rich people's money should not be allowed to merge with commercial banks that were using deposits of people that were insured by the taxpayers. and that these were different activities. reag
, connecticut. robert kershaw, business owner and outreach worker, oxford house, incorporated, silver spring, maryland. dr. jesse b. milby, director, medical psychology, substance abuse and homeless research program, department of psychology, university of alabama at birmingham, birmingham, alabama. dr. clark, when is a person categorized as homeless? well, the most important thing is to recognize that when a person lacks a permanent, fixed residence, they meet the category of homeless. now, there are a number of temporary arrangements that people have; for instance, it's estimated that roughly 1.6 million people are living in transitional or shelters, and they also meet the definition of homeless. so it's-we're looking for people who have permanent, fixed residence, and if you don't have that, then you're defined as homeless. and dr. milby, can you sort of take us through those categories a little bit? well, there're, there're lots of services that are provided for the homeless, from basic emergency shelters that just provide overnight stay, and people have to leave after-usually serve brea
. it was beautiful when you heard from robert. it seems almost like pulp driven rhetoric. they say it every debate. it is nonsense. it is just words. i cannot understand how this is getting caught up in the politics in the senate. we're one or two of votes away from getting this as a done deal. all they have to pick up as one or two republicans. >> the online campaigning. to the states think the senate republicans are wavering? are the states using the programs and have a lot of people that will benefit from continuing to use them? >> the common currency with all the states is that the color of money is green. the states we're going after are red. mississippi, texas, and states similar to those are read states. we believe that when the true facts are put on the table that people will believe this is a bipartisan issue. we want to keep america working. it is important for us to know that less risk is taken out of our decisions every day a small business owners. this will take a tremendous amount of risk out of our decisions for the next year. >they have used the program. i talked to a woman yesterd
chickens dead chickens. >> deanna and her husband robert who now own a small egg farm worked at wright county in 2002 and 2008. she says the company routinely took eggs returned by grocery stores and repackaged them as fresh. arnolds say their complaint ss to supervisors went nowhere. >> i blame management for that. >> reporter: as for their complaints to on-site usda inspectors, the usda says the workers were there solely to inspect eggs for labeling but tell cbs news their employees don't remember any of the conditions or complaints. in a statement friday, agriculture secretary says the case exemplifies the critical need to make significant improvements in the nation's food safety system. wright county responded to the arnolds' claims and says any time there is a perceived issue on our farm, we expect our employees to immediately bring it to our attention. to the best of our knowledge, no concerns were ever raised. for his part robert arnold wonders what more he might have done and what it might have meant. >> when i was doing the complaining, when my wife
a number of high-profile cases including a nationally publicized acquittals of actor robert blake and civil rights lawyer stephen bingham. to his left is a career public defender from washington state. she is a blunder and has her own -- blogger and has her own blog. so'. does the media contributes to a negative misconception of public defenders, and more broadly, criminal defense attorneys? >> no, thank you. [laughter] >> absolutely yes. i think for the most part, there is the lack of understanding on the part of the american public on more critical role of the public defender. it is laid down in our sixth amendment. we do not teach it properly in primary school education. the public learned of it through the news media and come to some extent, through the entertainment media. most of my colleagues, and it with a bias that is predisposed against the criminal defendant and criminal defense attorney there for. i do not think there are aware of this bias for the most part, but i'm speaking from my own anecdotal experience. my reason to get into the business is to counter that bias. i came fro
's when things start to cool right back down. >> now your silly roberts to found some people behaving badly. >> >> this is a cheesecake factory floating in the san francisco bay and this is a 99 cent only bag also floating in the same bay. i am in the city of brisbane rate near the edge of the bay and at the border of san francisco. this light strip of land in brisbane has trash every where and i do mean everywhere. under this tree all kinds of trash like this pbc pipe and these bags hanging off its branches. along the shoreline more trash like this bag of junk food. although that it has this please recycle message on it, it wasn't. as you get closer to the water you may find what is left of styrofoam containers and full garbage bags. in the water, lots of floating plastic bags. some floating under the water and some ontop and some simply blowing in the wind. some plastic bags may have been blown across the freeway from its recycling plant. but some trash like this beer bottle and bart flyer were more than likely left their by someone refusing to use the garbage can. i contacted rober
's leadership, this 250,000 no. i think is largely attributed to that. robert miller, who is here, one of our early partners with jobs now, well over 150 employees -- 145 employees through jobs now. he will talk about that, but he will talk about this innovative online campaign he has got going to get this thing extended. robert miller. >> i'm director of veterinary archives, and i want to thank mayor newsom for having the fortitude, the foresight, and the temerity to stay with a program for the very beginning -- since the very beginning. he took a chance on main street. we want to take that chance on government. our first higher was in june 2009, and our last was yesterday, the last day before the door closed. we believe the program benefits both sides of main street. the employee, giving them a real job doing real work. 145 people that are working for me are building a free, online digital library of 1 million books which will go to every school in america. it gives them pride. it gives them professional confidence, and gives them a job they can go back to their families with and make a dif
. >> we have team coverage of today's developments. robert lyles looking in to complaints, people say they made about the smell of gas and we are tracking survives trying to find information about their homes. >> we will start with joe vasquez who took a walking tour of the remnants of the neighborhood. >> reporter: you with see behind me this is a checkpoint, california highway patrol here telling people they can't go in the major access way into the neighborhood. they are saying it's a crime scene, 24 hours plus after the fire. we will to hike through a brush area, very difficult hike to bring you these pictures. burned earth, a close up look at the center of the blast showing the deadly consequences of the rupture. the explosion destroyed homes in the middle of the neighborhood. the huge 30-foot wide crater marking the center. the closest homes were leveled. all that's left in some are the chimneys. we found large chunks of asphalt thrown a good 100-yard from the scene. leaves on the closest trees burned off. as we walked further the homes were burned down but at least were still
roberts was there with his discovery happen in the store you will see only a kron 4. normally i report on other people behaving badly, but today it is going to be me. i am about to tell tens of thousands of muni riders how they can ride muni for free. yes you hear me for free. while shooting a segment on fair evaders at muni civic center station someone pointed out to me an exploitable flaw in the system. apparently these muni gates will open with nothing more than a wave of your hand. so ether you can wave your clipper card or wave your hand. apparently after spending millions of tax payers' dollars to install this new clipper fair system all the bugs have not yet been worked out. because simply waving your hand across these censers allow you access. >> so if someone sticks there hand on the censer it obviously opens it up making fairs for free. >> james bryant is a union rep from muni station agents, who just happened to be present when the flaw was discovered. don't get me wrong, there are other ways to exploit the system like piggy backing off another paying customer, but a flaw th
their hands in front of the consul there. the people are going through the tonight kron 47 roberts tells us how the transit authority is responding to the issue and the other changes directly related to the flaw could be coming. it's the story of see only on kron 4. >>last thursday kron4 showed you a major exploitable flaw in muni's 30 million dollar clipper gate system. it is a flaw that allows anyone to enter muni's pay area with nothing more than a wave of their hand, no card required. >> they all do it, they all do it. >> this glitch was first thought to be a problem only at civic center station. >> i did see it on t.v, so i reached around like i am coming from here. >> but at church street, i found the same thing, fair gates that open by simply passing your hand over the motion sensors. this is a system wide problem that muni officials knew about, but still allowed the gates to be put on line, and you paid for this. >> card i paid. >> since i was the first reporter to show you the flaw, i thought it should be fitting that i be the first to tell you this. a source inside muni, told me,
the platform or a leak. robert gibbs said this platform was not in production. we don't know what was going on at the platform when the rig exploded. at this signs no explosion of an oil leak. >> a frightening reminder of how dangerous it is down therement thanks, anne thompson. >>> now about two hours earlier the talks began. they got under way. george mitchell, the president's special enjoy for the middle east is now briefing. so it looks as though the talks have concluded. let's go to george mitchell. >> to approach these negotiations in good faith and with a seriousness of purpose. they also agreed for these negotiations to succeed they must be kept private and treated with the utmost sensitivity. what we are able to disclose to you today and in the future will be limited. but i will now describe some of the key items that were addressed in the trilateral meeting. both prime minister netanyahu and president abas condemned all forms of violence that targeted innocent civilians and pleanged to work together to maintain security. they reiterated their goals for two states of two peoples. t
looks like a group of happy people. there's nick and dawn. senior pastors bob and robert. and craig and annette anderson, who had joined christ community to be closer to god. but also to do the right thing for each other and their growing family. >> it seemed like a warm and welcoming place. >> annette and craig remember when they first move d there tht christ community church was a joyous place of music. ♪ >> even if somewhat off-key. a place of warmth, spirituality and family. >> we were having babies. we were having a lot of things in common at that time. and it filled a great thing right away. >> i'm going to preach but before we do that, i'm going to ask craig and annette anderson to come up with their children. >> the youth pastor, nick hackney, oversaw the church welcoming of annette and craig's new arrival, their daughter, grace, in 1997. >> this is a special morning, a special morning for me. this is my first solo baby dedication, and i am so excited that it would be grace. praise god. >> tell me about nick hackney. >> he was a really likeable guy, really nice, like a bro
, higher taxes, not enough jobs. >> the republican candidate for governor robert ehrlich is now hitting the airwaves. his first ad is entitled, "let's get to work." he went to create jobs and clean up the chesapeake bay. they say the ad is just more of his empty promises. the o'malley campaign called him the biggest spending in maryland history. we take a look at the closer -- take a closer look at the ad at 11:00 p.m. politicians are continuing to point figures -- point fingers at jobs and the economy. bryn mawr has the story from washington. -- brian moore has the story. >> president obama is focusing on creating jobs and saving the jobs for democrats on capitol hill. small-business owners say thank you, but -- >> this should have happened 1.5 years ago. >> they are also talking about a payroll tax. >> they say this is politically motivated. elections are less than 60 days away. >> they said unemployment would be a maximum of 8%. it is now 9.6%. and of said. -- enough said. >> democrats are now in danger of losing the house and senate. >> that have been focusing on the economy -- on h
stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> and is that ok? >> i think that was just a mistake on their part. it is upside down. >> it is upside down. what does that mean? >> what? somebody is in distress. >> atop the milton phillips built in 1913 at the bay area of quality air. it is a state/local agency that is for the dates for the entire san francisco bay. is seems the upside-down. feminist leader is something going on? it-maybe there's something wrong? >> maybe it is about a beck smalad smog day >> :no! that american flag is upside down. apparently nobody noticed that it was upside down on the bay area. and until kron 4 pointed it out. >> we will talk about having that change it out, right away, and in san francisco, stanley roberts. if you have a story? e- mail us at: former president jimmy carter left in ohio hospital this morning. today's recovering from my of viral infection that gave him-82 the recovery, and the 85 year-old became ill on a debit s a two-ye the recovery. the medical team advised him to stay for two extra days. >> tony cur
sustained about half of a million dollars in damage. >>> another university student is violently robert -- violently robbed. cash was taken from his wallet, and they ran off. it is the third violin mugging in two leagues. the other actually happen near campus. >>> and the maryland attorney general is investigating what he calls a fraudulent campaign flyer that was out to people in prince george's county, and it apparently has inaccurate and even misleading information in it. we have that with richard reeve and more on who sent it out. >> here is a copy. it certainly looks official enough, but it is a fake. we are told that it was made by a group that does not exist. the pamphlet certainly looks official. >> i did not know it was fate. >> right at the top, it reads "official democratic ballot." these are simply used to get endorsements. this handout is a voter fate. >> i have no idea who is sending them out, but all of the information on that ballot was fraudulent. state's attorney, she is especially angry. >> trekking voters is to become a disgusting, immoral, wrong, illegal, and i coul
consecutiva y brian roberts conectÓ el sencillo de la ventaja en la sÉptima entrada para que los orioles de baltimore derrotaran ayer 4-3 a los yanquis de nueva york. alex rodrÍguez conecto Ó un cuadrangular e impulso dos carreras para alcanzar la marca de 100 remolcadas por 13ra temporada consecutiva y 14ta en total. a nivel local hoy sera la final de la liga la polvosa, a las 7 de la noche intipuca city jrs se medira a la polvosa. y claro a las 8 de la noche en el robert f. kennedy, guatemala contra el salvador. buenas tardes. a entela venterala vidhdla vidao
. police say a married couple robert and jennifer bates who lived several miles away for some reason drove to the area neighbors say was the crime scene. and a dea agent walking his dog end encountered the couple just before robert bathes shot his wife, according to the police. >> he told me get down. get the kids. make sure they are in their rooms. close the door. tell them not to come out. and then there was another shot. >> reporter: we're told as the agent ran into the house to get his badge and service weapon, the gunman then shot himself in the head. police have been called to the home in late june for a domestic dispute which resulted in the arrest of a husband, a protective order barring contact between the two was issued but expired prior to this morning's incident. the couple's two children have been staying with relatives. >>> police have released the name of the man officers shot after he pointed a handgun at them. 29-year-old john wesley wheeler of maryland. wheeler was shot near 2nd and c streets yesterday morning. he was taken to the hospital. tonight he is charged with assa
an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. >> now here is stanley roberts to pond people behaving badly. >> it is and 60 days since this new prices of gone into effect. >> drivers are still stopping to pay their tolls. the driver of this silbert said turned not only stopped, but started to back up. and sits there, after and as i tried to reposition, the driver just goes to tollbooth of vermont. >> this time, nobody was brave enough to get out of the car and paper their toll except for one passenger who already passed the plaza. >> keep watching. >> the driver of this decides to sideswipe the booth. so he does an inspection. right in the middle of a highway. i kidded not. this is one of the scariest moments of my career. watching the middle of this man, doing damage assessment. very dangerous. for the record, to not stop in lanes of traffic and the nonstop in the fastrak lanes even if you are from utah! you talk! >> and i cannot leave you with of this obligatory driving over the delineators. the bay bridge toll plaza, stanley roberts. >> a few of a comet or a story? e-mail us at: peopleb
127 points. the nasdaq up by 33, robert black is here. a >> it's been a great july ended august that was awful. we're about to break even for the year so the first two days were pretty good numbers are good but not bad. we are cold, not freezing but it is ok. manufacturing is helping to create jobs so we are moving in the right direction >> i keep hearing it is because of the recession does this mean that we are going to avoid that? >> unfortunately as we're going into a double dip recession which has to do with consumer spending the day we got back out of it. we could of avoided a double dip. it feels like a recession but the waters are not marquee. next week we will see perhaps zero, introduce new cut back on tax. the market is too cheap and that is another reason we're too aggressive. >> the person that wants us to focus on job creation next week, do think that all belts? >> yes of living is something that helps new businesses that have tax benefits and promised the tax cuts that are put in place for the next two years it will rally the next two points. it is probably time fo
. the switch begins at >> now, here is stanley roberts to fun people behaving badly. >> according to this e-mail i kissed inherited 5.8 million lbs. that is less than $9 million. apparently emily jackman levitt never met is not sure why she chose me but as not to worry. it seems that she lost her husband and a swiss accident in 1998 from new york to geneva and even this sea and then link. the list of passengers including her husband, mr. jackman. according to this e-mail, she is too old, too weak. she has decided to give me $90 million all i need to do is give my name, address. and i did. and then i received this is an official of dhl worldwide letter. on how to get the money. all i had to do was the second western union $268 and then i would get 9 million. o betty! and i know what your thinking wait until you are waiting and then give them the $268? except, they do not operate c o d. those are the words, not mine and there's no inheritance. it is just people abusing the name of real people trying to get your money. please delete those e-mail's. in fact, spam, and no
! there are only three holidays. thanksgiving, christmas, new year's day. ♪ >> and now, here's a stanley roberts to fun people behaving badly. >> and if your board and knead some excitement? i would suggest the fisherman's wharf. better yet, why not go for a brief instructional to war. first off, parking. here we go, but wait, no left turn into the garage. some people ignore that and see this $7 per hour. and may change their mind. if you choose street parking? be aware, that the use high-tech ways to catch violators. this will tell them who is in violation, and it is going straight to the car. and a ticket is issued. and if the parking officer tells you to move you might want to move. this person is getting a ticket because he drove away, he would get a non contemptible ticket and the mail. also, if you're going to be visiting the war? bring cash. they get a lot of funny money this is a fake $100 bill. at ripley's, believe it or not and the man told me that he got it from washington mutual and hayward. except, washington mutual has been close for one year. this was confiscated, and turned over
, they have been testing this flawed even at the risk of getting a ticket. $85 and stanley roberts. >> this edition. >> and they say you can use your hand. >> it would not take long for this to take place at the civic center. on thursday i showed you this flaw in the clipper system. if you wave this in the proper certain area? >> they all do it! they all do it! >> and on powell street. >> and just so you know, the c h p will issue and $85 ticket downstairs. and with the p o p downstairs. >> they claim that it is new about the inside source it muni knew about this during training. the truth is that even without the flaw in the clipper system people have been exploiting the system in many other ways. like this man, he is trying to grab the camera out of my hand. >> and you are not allowed to filman me. >> and like this guy, who is letting his girl and. and the classic walking through the emergency exit and going down to the eme to the train but not paying. >> they say the you can use your hand, i saw it on the news. >> and even with these new enforcements, muni will always have probl
is stanley roberts with some of people behaving badly. >> this group of people walking confirms what i have been saying the last four years. people in the bay. do not think these signs of life to them like this sidewalk closed. this was shot down with demolition taking place on howard street. these signs are warning people to stay clear. workers, equipment blocking the sidewalk and most people to walk around. even as a city bus, approaches. at one point, there were two different san francisco police of a search on both sides to stop people from missing this large, orange sign. watch this lady and the ptan jacket and this police officer requests. >> and she seems confused. >> and this guy who bypasses the signing and casualty begins to walk past the officer. >> and that there is a sign that says side walk close to there is a pretty good chance that there is a reason for it. when you ignore these signs and get injured you cannot blame anybody, but yourself. and in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> and a quick look at the checkout traffic slow. barely moving on towards the lower
in a suicide attack. james roberts reports. >> the suicide bomer was riding a rickshaw. two civilians were also killed and eight other people were seriously injured. afgh afghan government officials are often attacked. this has driven the president to tears. in a highly-emotional address. they felt they would abandon the country to escape. the president thought his own son was flee and become a foreigner. for the sake of god, please stop fighting. as tears filled his eyes. [foreign language speaking] >> this very public break down shows the politic suffers from depression. but has been called inflamed. as the united states and other nations increasingly hand the responsibility to their only a began forces. james roberts, bbc news. >> the leader who said it was wrong to take the british to the iraq war. here's our editor. nick robbins. >> is this man your next prime minister? will he lead labor back to power? to have any chance. mi miliband. david, i have known what as extraordinary person you are. and now you have again shown to everybody else with the graciousness. what an extraordinary person
tiid at 3. brian roberts at the plate with twooouts. single into right field. patterson on his high horse. heading home. he úlides in safely. he throws to second. robert caught in a rundown and eventually tag out but the o's at that time lead 4-3. bottom the 9th. the save and he freezings curtis -úto end the game. the orioles take the first game in new york 4-3 the final. we have complete coverage of the maryland navy game. the jets sign their corner back and its down coming up tonight onount sports unlimit. >> thanks so much. >> beautiful weether today hopefulll more on the way tomorrow. let's go to tony with the very latest sky watch >> well, jeff, i'll tell you when is the ast tim we had a labor day like this what a wonderful weekend right now we have 81 degrees. partly sunny skies. we said before the dew point nice and comfortable ttday humidity way down and we like it like that don'' we folks. how about 86 in the district. 88 hagerstown. cool spot 75 in oakland. let's take a look and see what we have out there. we have 81 for high temp. that's exactly where w
. precise. only from the makers of tylenol. >>> defense secretary robert gates met much of the day meeting with u.s. troops on the ground in afghanistan. the visit comes in the midst of what is proving to be one of the most trying summers on the front lines for those u.s. troops. let's bring in our pentagon correspondent barbara starr working this for us. what do you have? >> reporter: wolf, defense secretary gates now on his way home but as you say he moved across southern afghanistan meeting troops, talking a lot suddenly about all of the progress that's being made but the question is, is the progress real? troops from the iowa national guard now on their way to afghanistan. they will be joined by the last of the 30,000 extra troops that president obama ordered to join the fight. defense secretary robert gates visited southern afghanistan to offer his condolences after several troops were killed in recent days. >> those of you who have lost friends, those of you who are caring about those who have been wounded and been medevacced back home, all of those heroes are going to be in our thou
in their lives. more on that coming up. >> robert plant, a rock performance. but first, a check of the morning's top stories with ann. >>> thanks a lot, carl. breaking news this morning. good morning, everybody. the news is broke by nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell earlier that iran has released sarah shourd who was held there for more than a year. andrea joins us from teheran. andrea, good morning, what do we know? >> the reason i'm not on camera, i'm downstairs standing next to the swiss ambassador who is standing here at this hotel waiting for sarah shourd. she lt prison about 45 minutes ago. and we do not know what the terms were we do know that the u.s. government has said it's against its policy to pay any bail money. it's precedent for other prisoners being released -- other prisoners being released here. we do not know -- but we do expect sarah shourd and the real tough emotional part of this, as happy a day it is for sarah shourd is the u.s. government wants shane bauer and josh fatafat t tall, they've been in prison for more than a year, no formal charges but
cannot buy diapers, the food that their kids need, which cannot get the medicarl care thy need. roberts host: , you are just out of the military. were you able to land a job? caller: no, i have not. i am getting recertified as and e.m.t.. guest: that you for your service, first of all, and second of all, i understand how to the diapers all are. in your case, that congress is looking to extend unemployment. they have done that. they might continue to do so until we turn a corner. when you do get a job, your chances are congress will not be extending or increasing any sort of taxes on you. the fight is on the people making $250,000 a year. host: on the unemployment, is this an extension that congress would have to take up before the end of the session? guest: november 30 is when it ends, and they will have to do it again or have some discussion to it. there were balls in congress, some democratic lawmakers were saying, when do we make an end to this benefit? that argument has been pushed off to the side because since then the economy has gotten worse. there have been private sector job in
candidates. >> good evening, i'm robert jordan. >> and i'm jackie bange. marcella raymond has our story. >> reporter: at the mexican independence parade, louise gutierrez decided to check the temperature and viability as a candidate for mayor. >> i have to say i'm very humbled by the public and how many of them have encouraged me. >> reporter: the congressman's goal was to collect as many signatures as he could that would help to put him on the mayoral ballot. each candidate should have about 25,000, if he or she is serious about running. >> do you think gutierrez will make a good? >> oh, yeah. i would vote for him. we need a change. >> we are proud of him. >> reporter: other potential candidates included cook county sheriff and second ward alderman, robert fioretti. >> >> reporter: any we action to that? >> good for him. i appreciate it. i think there will be a lot of people in the race. >> reporter: jobs and education are two of the things gutierrez said will be on his agenda. the third, not so talked about is education. >> i don't want the police to be fighting with the next mayor of
of pittsburgh and that's where robert liles is tonight. robert? >> reporter: ken, we can tell you that the hunt for frederick sales may have taken a very grim turn tonight. investigative sources are confirming to cbs5 that hercules police spent the better part of this day searching lapped fills that service hercules. that sent cbs5 cameras on the hunt. it first led us to a landfill in richmond and then that ultimately led us right here to the keller canyon landfill here in pittsburgh where we are told scores have investigators spent this day correspondence donning off the landfill. hercules police found more than rita allen's 2002 cadillac escalade in a ravine outside the entrance to by on add corporation. investigates eggedtive source essay they also found a machete near the suv. as they canvassed the area they quickly found by oh-rad had survey surveillance cameras. that recorded a car driving from the area where the escalade was dumped toward trash dumpsters at the rear of bio rad's offices. that was early tuesday morning. keep in mind tuesday was the same day el francisco elson balance dye
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